Help finding a fanfic?

Ages ago, when the Azureshippers actually had a web archive of fics, I saw one I wanted to look at later. But when later came, the archive was no longer up and there was only a C2 community on to host the fics. I haven't been able to locate the fic again, particularly since I can't even remember the title. All I remember is the summary, which basically suggested What if the reason Anzu is so staunchly devoted to friendship is because she wasn't always that way? I don't know how it tied in to Azureshipping, or what the plot was at all beyond the summary, but does anyone have an inkling of remembrance of the fic?

Thank you!
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Art post 01

Hey guyssss, I'm new. this community even active anymore? xD

I needed a break from Naruto cos the fandom drives me crazy sometimes urrgh

Anyway, here's a little something for you guys :> azureshipping is awesomeee ;A; i miss it

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AzureShippingClub: Spring Break contest

Hey all. Just thought I'd let you know that the Azureshipping DeviantART club is having a Spring Break themed contest. It's such a playful theme. I hope it gets those muses churning and joining in the fun. The deadline is cureently March 28th. To join and for more info on the contest, follow the link:
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15 Azureshipping Fic Recs

Some of you may be members of list50 and already know about their mini-list festa going on right now, but if not, I'm a member of their community over on Dreamwidth, and I just posted a Mini-List for Azureshipping Fics there. I thought I'd share it here with you. It's also up on DW's Azureshipping community (join!) and my personal journals in both places.

Feel free to comment on my selection, rec some of your own (usually the lists are 50 items long!), or even get more specific, finding Dramatic Azureshipping Fics or Fluffy Azureshipping Fics or Triangle Azureshipping Fics or Multichapter Azureshipping Fics, etc.

Quick note: since these are all the same fandom, same pairing, I won't bother with labels for those, but I will use a (WiP) to indicate unfinished works. Please encourage the authors of those works to keep going! I'll also use the Fiction Ratings letter (K, K+, T, M, MA). The list is full of every genre: sexy steaminess, angst, drama, humor...whatever your mood, you should find a great Azureshipping fic to suit it here (I hope)!

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recs! :D

A few days ago, I was messing around with the Play The Damn Card search engine and came across geniusgirl's Azureshipping FST (fan sound-track) in which she had linked to an entry that summarized her perspective of Azureshipping. Though it's not complete, I recommend you all give it a read. She is one witty girl. ;D

And the reason I mention all of this is because I was totally reminded of geniusgirl's write up while watching ceruleanembers beautiful new AMV: