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Azureshipping Media

Hey everyone! So I’ve been scrounging around Youtube and compiled a playlist of the top Azureshipping (SetoxAnzu) material. After viewing a ton of videos I’ve cut it down to 27 for now. (I’ve also done this for Trustshipping and Puppyshipping but still need to look over them some more before posting those) These, in no particular order, are by my standards the best works available on Youtube. Below you will find the link, embed and a teaser list of sorts containing my top five favorite seto/anzu videos.


Teasers/My Favorites :
Poison by ceruleanembers
When Love and Hate Collide by MoonlessNight126
Mama Mia! by SwordPrincess
Don’t Talk by Masteramagiciangirl
Falling in Love with you by NekoMajo

Well I hope you all enjoy and I’d appreciate it if you guys would comment to this post with your thoughts on the videos and which you liked best. Please refrain from any bashing of either the characters or pairing, this is not what this post is for.

You may also subscribe to this Azureshipping playlist if you would like to stay up to date on the best new Seto/Tea videos; I usually check around fairly often. You will have to go to my personal Youtube page (arien14) in order to subscribe to this playlist.

For more Azureshipping visit:
Azureshipping @ WikiFic

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