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(relatively) new azureshipping stuff

A small new contest has been announced over at AzureShippingClub on (some new art has also been added!)

uniqueXminds has uploaded a new video (please rate &/or comment)
Azureshipping: Running Blind
(Summary as quote from reply) - "Basically it was just a sequence of events in their relationship. Kaiba in the beginning does his whole "imma jump off a building" after that he and Anzu fight, make up, reminisce, and then it goes through some of their "trial by fire" moments basically I was fitting clips to the music..."

Azurite (the_sweet) uploaded Chapter 26 of What Doesn't Kill You. I haven't been keeping up too much with the fan fiction side of things, but I don't think there has been much of anything new lately.

(selenity136, I still owe you that rec list! I will try to get to it soon.)

Comments and opinions are loved.

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