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15 Azureshipping Fic Recs

Some of you may be members of list50 and already know about their mini-list festa going on right now, but if not, I'm a member of their community over on Dreamwidth, and I just posted a Mini-List for Azureshipping Fics there. I thought I'd share it here with you. It's also up on DW's Azureshipping community (join!) and my personal journals in both places.

Feel free to comment on my selection, rec some of your own (usually the lists are 50 items long!), or even get more specific, finding Dramatic Azureshipping Fics or Fluffy Azureshipping Fics or Triangle Azureshipping Fics or Multichapter Azureshipping Fics, etc.

Quick note: since these are all the same fandom, same pairing, I won't bother with labels for those, but I will use a (WiP) to indicate unfinished works. Please encourage the authors of those works to keep going! I'll also use the Fiction Ratings letter (K, K+, T, M, MA). The list is full of every genre: sexy steaminess, angst, drama, humor...whatever your mood, you should find a great Azureshipping fic to suit it here (I hope)!

01. The Night Before (WiP) (M)
02. Folgen Sie Ihrem Traum (T)
03. Playing Tag (WiP) (K+)
04. From Business to Pleasure (T)
05. The North Wind and the Sun (T)
06. It's a Girl Thing (T)
07. Kiss From a Rose (T)
08. Deception (WiP) (T)
09. Once Upon a Halloween (M)
10. Prisoner of One's Heart (K+)
11. In Fidelity (T)
12. Five Ways Kaiba Seto Might Have Proposed to Mazaki Anzu (But Probably Didn't) (T)
13. Foster Care (M)
14. Triptych (T-M)
15. Rain (K+)

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